Sunday, October 10, 2010


I wanted to show a picture of Sally to a friend of mine at work. I was going through the blog, looking at all the fun pictures and memories. Then I felt sad that I hadn't blogged for so long and all of the things that I am sure I have already forgotten because I decided not to blog about them. I decided (and maybe it wont last, like many other things that I've tried) to post more often. I always thought it was strange when people would say that their blogs were like journals, but now I understand.

There is a lot going on these days. We are busy with work and school. It seems like we haven't had any time to relax, and I think it is starting to get to us. I don't really have any new pictures to share, but here are some that I found looking through my old pictures:

This is a picture of my grandpa's family.

Grandpa is in the bottom left. He had a stroke when I was a baby (2 or 3, I think), and died
when I was 17. I never knew him, and I regret that to this day. I think about my grandpa
everyday and frequently think that he would have been my best friend in the world if we could
have known one another.

Here are some good ones:
Ben and Sally.
They loved each other. One time Ben took off running while I had about ten bags of groceries
on my arms. I tried to catch him, but he just kept running. Sally trotted along his side as happy
as could be. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

This is from a time that I took Ben to the zoo with me. He looks like a baby in this picture...he is so big now! I miss spending so much time with my nephews.

I can't sign off without posting a picture of adorable dogs, so here you go!


Lynda/Mom said...

Good for you, Danielle! Thanks for posting. Cute pictures of doggies and kiddies. We missed you guys and thought of you often this weekend.

Leslie said...

That picture of Ben is cute. He does look so little.

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mmmm nice family

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